By Lori Ann Reber
Editor’s Note: For the next several weeks the Republican will be profiling officers with the Harper County Sheriff’s Office and the Anthony Police Dept. Our goal is to get to know the people who enforce the laws in our communities.
Harper County Sheriff De­p­­uty, Chad Hacker, has be­en a long-time resident of Harper County, minus one and a half years of his life.  
Hacker is the son of Bill and Ruth Ann Hacker of Har­per, Kansas. “My mom has always been a stay at home mom. My dad was the voice for the Chaparral Ro­ad­runners since it opened the doors in 1972 until 2011. He announced every foo­tball game at that place and almost every basketball game,” said Hacker. Hacker has one older brother, Craig.  Craig lives in Wichita, Kan­sas and is a photo journalist.
Eating Rice Krispies on a Saturday morning and wat­c­hing cartoons was common for him and Hacker jokes about piling the sugar on top of his cereal. Now that he has grown older he...