The Harper County Board of Commissioners met in regular session, with Chairman Carla Pence calling the meeting to order to Commissioners Lee Adams and Brian Waldschmidt.  Also in attendance was Melinda McCurley, Recording Secretary. 

Kelsie Murphy, Deputy County Clerk, reported that daily statements are completed through December 29th which is on track.  The December 30th statement will need to stay open to close out the year. 

Commissioner Waldschmidt motioned to void checks in the amount of $2,772.90 for those that weren’t cashed or deposited by the vendor; approved unanimously.  Commissioner Adams motioned to reissue checks along with an additional accounts payable voucher for a total of $3,978.37; approved unanimously. 

Commissioner Adams motioned to approve payroll in the amount of $147,264.61; approved unanimously. 

At 9:18 a.m. Commissioner Waldschmidt motioned to enter executive session for attorney/client privilege for legal assistance and advice with...