By John Edgecombe Jr.
Publisher, The Nebraska Signal, Geneva, NE
And President, National Newspaper Association

 A friend of mine from South Dakota noted that the U.S. Postal Service delivered a lump of coal to many small towns last Christmas when it proceeded to eliminate overnight mail in most of the nation in 2015. That was a good description. USPS will slow delivery officially by one day for First-Class and Periodicals mail. Many members of Congress have asked it to hold off. But USPS is plowing ahead.
 It is time for lawmakers to consider how rural and small town mail is suffering.
 The USPS plans to close more than 80 mail processing plants in 2015. Smaller plants will be consolidated into urban plants. It has already closed nearly 150 plants in the past three years and says service was not affected.
 That is hard to believe, at least in small towns.
 Longer road trips for most mail, traffic delays in urban areas to get sorted mail...