By Mr. Fred W. Bogatay & Mr. David L. Slaughter II

Another Success for Commemorating Our Veterans On a normal day, residents of Argonia, Attica, Danville, Harper, and Wellington, and as far as Wichita drive the stretch of road that is
U.S.-160 west/east. Upon reaching Wellington, U.S.-160 becomes known as west 8th Street while in Harper, 160 is known as west 14th Street (and is also part of highway K-2 west as it connects with K-2 north/ south). Yet, short of needing to know or by the reading of a map or directions given by a GPS, most people never really think much about the names of which these major roads bear.
As with Wellington, U.S.-160 is divided into two highways in Harper – the aforementioned 160 east/west that transitions into 14th Street/
K-2 west and 160 south which is also K-14 south/north. The latter runs parallel to the west side of Harper, allowing travelers to either go south toward Attica and Anthony or north to Kingman. It is this north/south...