By Devon Fasbinder KWCH News

"I've been a deputy with them for six years," he said.
You may not know he's been a Judo champion for 18 years.
"It's more standing up," McCann said. "It's throw. Using your opponents momentum and off balancing and throwing them in whatever direction you get them off balance and they're moving so you use their momentum. And then when you get to the ground it's grappling. Chokes, arm bars and pins."
McCann says he likes the competition and often takes the competition, which is evident by his awards scattered throughout his home. But the biggest competition he's won was last week in Russia"It was an international tournament," he said. "There was eight countries there. We fought Saturday two fights and then I fought Sunday and had five."And he took it all; he won his weight division and got an award for it. "After we won, they were shaking our hands and taking pictures with us and signing autographs," McCann said. He says he was shocked and...