By: Hannah Alldritt

Due to date changes for the County Commission meetings, this week is a two-fer! County Commissioners met Tuesday, June 14 as well as Monday, June 20. Meetings will continue on Mondays at 9 a.m. from this point forward.

Tuesday, June 14 Meeting Minutes
    Commissioner Brian Waldschmidt was absent. Commissioners Lee Adams and Carla Pence present.
    Commissioners met with Audrey Anderson about hiring two to three part-time employees to assist with the transfer of paper copies to a digital format. Anderson said that with 60,000 aperture cards to scan as well 118 mortgage books, 75 oil/gas books and 29 miscellaneous books the process could take over a year. Part-time help would work
16-20 hours a week until all files were transferred via document imagery onto computers. Money for part-time employees at $9/hr will come from the Register of Deed's technology fund.
     Joanna Kenney, EMS Director, was next on the agenda and shared that 353 9-...