The Harper County Board of Commissioners met in regular session, with Chairman Carla Pence calling the meeting to order to Commissioners Lee Adams and Brian Waldschmidt.  Also in attendance was Melinda McCurley, Recording Secretary. 

Shirley McCartney, Department on Aging, introduced the new Harper Senior Center Director Kaylin Walker.  Harper Hospital submitted the annual meal costs for the Center, increasing from $5.20 to $5.30 per meal.  Commissioner Waldschmidt motioned to approve the 2017 contract with Harper Hospital to provide meals for the Harper Senior Center; approved unanimously.  

Commissioner Adams motioned to approve the meeting minutes of November 7, 2016 and accounts payable for $380,270.90; both were approved unanimously.  Commissioner Waldschmidt motioned to approve the special meeting minutes of November 9, 2016; approved unanimously.

Tracy Chance, Sheriff and Janis Knox, County Attorney, discussed options for juvenile housing cost reimbursement.  The...