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Harper County Commissioner Hold Regular Meeting

December 11, 2017

The Harper County Board of Commissioners met in regular session, with Chairman Brian Waldschmidt calling the meeting to order to Commissioners Carla Pence and Lee Adams.  Also in attendance was Melinda McCurley, Recording Secretary and resident Gerald Wolff.   

Todd Pettegrew, Dispatch and EM Director, reported that the new dispatchers have completed training and have been released to work on their own, allowing him to go back to the day shift.  The JAG Grant did not require a match for the 911 recording system, so the grant covered the entire cost including the 1st year of maintenance.  Todd explained the capabilities of the NG 911 system and the difference between a full station and a half station. 

Commissioner Pence motioned to void a duplicate check in the amount of $9.70; approved unanimously. 

Commissioner Adams motioned to approve benefits withholding in the amount of $60,594.19; approved unanimously.  

Anna Porter, Appraiser, went over the addition and abatement orders that were mostly standard corrections.  Some were due to the fact that the lease was switched from oil production to gas production. Commissioner Adams motioned to approve the add and abates for a negative $16,937.30; approved unanimously. 

Commissioner Pence motioned to approve Resolution 2017-14 for CID funding for the Ministerial Association – Anthony Thrift Store project; approved unanimously. 

Tracy Chance, Sheriff, discussed a vehicle purchase.  Newberry’s reported that there is a significant delay in building the Durango.  They currently have a 2018 Chevy Z71 Pickup on the lot that they will honor fleet pricing on.  The price will remain within the $30,000 approved price.  The K-9 deputy will get one of the existing Dodge Pickups but will need a cage installed in the backseat.  It was the consensus of the Board to purchase the 2018 Chevy from Newberry’s and cancel the Durango. 

Commissioner Adams motioned to approve the regular meeting minutes of December 4, 2017; approved unanimously.

Commissioner Pence motioned to approve accounts payable in the amount of $55,216.34; approved unanimously.

John McClure, Road and Bridge/Noxious Weeds/Solid Waste, gave an update on Murdock Road.  There is a high possibility that our crews will need to put material on the road after the slurry process.  It is getting too late in the season to apply the asphalt overlay.  John reported that 90% of the deficiencies found during the bi-annual bridge inspection have been corrected on those bridges over 20 feet in length.  There was discussion about the need to buy locally.  John will contact local

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