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Fisher Spots Rare Bird At Anthony Lake

By: Chelsi McReynolds - Staff Writer

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, birding, it can be defined as the observation of birds as a hobby. Elsie Fisher, of Anthony, does just that. Fisher has lived at the Anthony Lake, since 1975. Before that, Fisher lived in Michigan and has had a love for birding since she was a little girl. With the hobby of birding, Fisher has seen her fair share of rare birds all over the United States. Most winters, Fisher can be found in Texas, this year, she was unable to go. Due to the tragedy that was Hurricane Harvey, Fisher remained here this winter. Every day, Fisher will go around the lake for bird watching. On February 2nd, Fisher saw a bird that is not common for Kansas. In fact, this bird is so rare that this time is officially the 8th recorded time the bird has ever been in Kansas. Out of those other 7 times, the bird has never been in Harper County. The bird, known as the Pyrrhuloxia, is commonly known as the desert cardinal. The Pyrrhuloxia is mainly found in southern states such as Texas, Florida or New Mexico. As stated above, Fisher spends most of her winter in Texas, that is why she was able to identify the bird. Fisher says this rare bird has been seen every day since the second. If you are interested in seeing the bird, go out to the Anthony Lake and take the gun club road. On that road, if you stop at the one-way bridge, you have a chance of seeing the bird at least once every hour. Fisher says the most important thing to keep in mind is that you must have patience. The Pyrrhuloxia looks like a cardinal, only it is mostly grey with a red crest. Fisher also said the Pyrrhuloxia is bringing in many people to Anthony. According to Fisher, “There have probably been at least 75 people coming to see the bird in the past week. Some are from Wichita, and others are from out of state.” A few


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