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Hospital District 6 Board Names Committe To Fill Three Positions

March 15, 2018 – 6:06 p.m. – Anthony Campus Education Center
PRESENT: Martha Hadsall, Lisa Mathes, Lee Cox, Alan Patterson, Jan Lanie - Board of Directors; Interim CEOs: Lori Allen, Anthony Campus CFO; Sandra Owen, Harper Campus CFO, Kim Barwick, Anthony Campus V.P. HR; Jim Chromik, Consolidation Project Manager; Others – Gerald Wolff, Aaron Elmitt, Bill Rossmiller, Kyla Quigg, Kara Riehart-Bornholdt
Call to Order: The regular meeting of the Hospital Board was called to order by Chairman Hadsall at 6:06 p.m.
Approval of Minutes: Minutes of the February 22, 2018, regular meeting were approved. Moved by Lanie; seconded by Mathes. Motion carried unanimously.
Operations – Manager Reports: Information Technology – Director Bill Rossmiller reviewed the functionality of the department. Elmitt presented a grid of the technology monitored by the IT staff and the departments’ goal to be proactive in keeping the systems functioning appropriately and responding to downtime issues immediately. Quigg, Clinical IT RN, discussed her interaction with Cerner in the management of service requests for users as well as keeping abreast of new functionality with the system to enhance the EMR and financial systems.
Heritage Estates: Carol McKee, Operator, reviewed the assisted living program which accepts patients 55+ who are no more than a one person transfer. Currently the program includes 11 residents whose ages range from 79 to 96. At capacity the program can have 18 patients and is staffed 24 hours.
Operations Report: South Central DME – the operation is busy with new orders. The majority of business is a result of provider referrals. Portable oxygen options are popular requests from patients. The program Medicare number has still not been received.
Policy Review/Approval – Nursing: Organ, Tissue & Eye Donation: The policy developed by Karen Aldis and Crissa Cox was presented for approval. Following discussion the policy was approved as presented. Motion by Mathes; seconded by Cox. Motion carried unanimously.
340B Program Policies & Procedures: The policies meet the requirements of the 340B program. The policies were in use at HHD5 at the time of their 340B audit and have been revised for HD6 with updates as recommended by HRSA. Corporate Compliance Plan amendments were also necessary as a result. The 340B policies were approved as presented. Motion by Lanie; seconded by Mathes. Motion carried unanimously. Amendments to the Corporate Compliance Plan were adopted as presented. Motion by Mathes; seconded by Cox. Motion carried unanimously.
CEO Report: Each campus participated in active shooter training earlier today. The exercise was conducted in cooperation with local law enforcement. Areas for improvement were discovered; feedback from staff was positive. Harper Campus staff participated in the Transitions To Careers
program recently by speaking to students about their careers in the medical field. A retirement reception will be held for Keith Kitzmann, Harper Campus Maintenance Director, on March 29, 2018, at 2 p.m.
Public Presentations: None
New Business: Lanie resignation – Jan Lanie discussed the possibility of resigning from her position. Other demands are keeping her from having the time to devote to the Hospital Board. Following discussion Lanie agreed to continue in her position for a while longer.
Financial Statements - CFO Allen reviewed the February 2018 income statement and balance sheet. Total operating revenues were $1,316,390 with total operating expenses of $1,259,664, operating income was $56,725. After other income/expenses of $2,364,530 the hospital district had net income for the month of $2,421,255. Net donations related to the Harper County Healthcare project in the amount of $2,155,209 contributed to the net income for the month. Accounts payable in the amount of $1,209,513 were approved for payment. Moved by Lanie; seconded by Mathes. Motion carried unanimously.
Foundations Activities: Strategies for joining the foundations continue to be investigated. The two foundations will be focusing on fundraising events and are discussing events to add.
Unfinished Business: Harper County Healthcare –Equipment and furnishings for the new facility are being finalized. An assessment of items at the current facilities was conducted with items identified to repurpose at the new facility. Martha Hadsall was authorized to sign necessary papers for the lagoon permit. Motion by Cox; seconded by Mathes. Motion carried unanimously. KDOT has recommended two options for a turning lane from the highway into the new facility; discussion continue with the State and other affected parties. CT equipment presentations are complete and a selection will be made soon; at the time of relocation CTs at each facility will have outlived their live expectancy. A decision will be made soon regarding which machine to secure; a grant is being sought to fund the purchase. A special meeting will be held on March 28, 2018, at 6 p.m. in the Education Center at the HD6 Anthony Campus to formalize the application for funding from the USDA.
Hospital Bylaws Revisions: Changes that would permit flexibility in scheduling the annual meeting were proposed along with changes to

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