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Harper County Commissioners Hold Regular Meeting

The Harper County Board of Commissioners met in regular session, with Chairman Brian Waldschmidt calling the meeting to order to Commissioners Lee Adams and Carla Pence.  Also in attendance Melinda McCurley, Recording Secretary.

Tracy Chance, Sheriff, asked the Board about having dispatch answer their phone administrative lines when staff is out of the office.  Dispatch is already answering them outside of normal business hours.  Tracy stated that it is a rare occasion that answering is needed during the day.  The Board will discuss the issue with Todd. 

Commissioner Adams motioned to approve the regular meeting minutes of September 5, 2017; approved unanimously.

Commissioner Pence motioned to void check to Rusty Eck Ford (duplicate payment) for $109.41; approved unanimously.

Todd Pettegrew, Dispatch/EM, department update, gave an update on staffing levels.  Commissioner Pence motioned to approve the EMPG grant application that partially reimburses the County for emergency management salaries and emergency notification system; approved unanimously.  Todd is working with communities to ensure the tornado sirens are tested monthly.  The NEXT GEN 911 system will being installation on September 16th with training starting the following week.  Staff handled a call last week where a theft suspect was located using cell phone signal pinging.  There was discussion about dispatchers answering Sheriff phone lines during the day when staff is out of the office.  Todd felt like dispatchers should focus on 911 calls and not be an answering service.  We have voicemail options that will forward messages to cell phones or email.  The policy would have to be worded to not allow for abuse and allow for easy message forwarding. 

Audrey Anderson, Register of Deeds, gave a quarterly department update.  Presented transfer for multi-county mortgage registration fee for $1787.90.  Commissioner Pence motioned to approve the transfer; approved unanimously.  Presented statistical report of the department with revenue down considerably. Temporary employees are progressing on scanning and indexing of historical documents to allow for better research capabilities.  Daily work is already indexed so this project will bridge the gap.  

John McClure, Road and Bridge/Noxious Weeds/Solid Waste, completed repairs on Wildcat Lake Dam in conjunction with Harper County Conservation.  John is gathering quotes on ONYX and HA5 sealing for the newly paved roads.  There was discussion about tree issue North of Harper.  Chairman Waldschmidt will contact the landowner about meeting the BOCC to rectify the situation.  When trees are removed, the ditches need to be sprayed to keep saplings from growing in.  The Murdock road had trees removed and the ditches are filling in regrowth.  The McCormick Bridge payment from FEMA should be received soon.  FEMA has issued a stop payment on all reimbursements with the current national disasters taking place but our reimbursement was already approved prior.  

Melinda McCurley, Community Development, gave a department update.  So far 10 projects totaling $206,550.94 has been awarded with the Community Development Grant program funded by

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