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Tanner Andrew Asper Angle

~~Tanner Andrew Asper Angle was born October 18, 2000 in Harper, KS, son of Jerry Angle and Tiffany Asper.  He passed away on July 9th, 2017.
 “What is he up to now?”  That is what everyone would say about Tan-Man, T-Bag, T-man, Short Pup, Thunder Bag, (yes he had many nicknames).  He had a caring orneriness about him that everyone knew and loved.  He always had something funny to say.  There are numerous stories about the “love” he would give to his friends and especially his brothers.  There was a time that they were playing Belle Plaine in football and he messed up their teams snap count by clapping.  While not appropriate to say, the boys loved reading his special twitter account he created of his special “quotes”.  He always had to keep an extra roll of toilet paper in the tractor for all the times he had to “poop”.  He was always giving Keith crap at work about his girlfriends.   He was always known to be hungry.  He always corrected the boys' bad grammar even though he failed English.  His "moms" always worried about his horrible sunburns, and he hated it when they made him wear sunscreen. Everyone loved his big head, and how his hats would never fit and he would always wear them crooked.  Thanks to Sheri Francis for her amazing harvest meals and his late night McDonalds trips, he finally got up to 165 pounds and was ready to lay someone out at camp this week.  At state baseball, he loved walking around in his underwear trying to get all the girls numbers.  He thought he could get any girl.  He even rolled the window down trying to get their numbers.  He loved his Velcro shoes. Tanner thought Walmart was the best place on earth, and would say, “I got these clothes for $1”.  He loved singing Johnny Cash songs with Papa Doug.    He was very proud of his “fight” shirt his Dad bought him and his Grand Champion belt buckle.   The boys were at the Patterson place waiting to fix a tire, and Andrew thought he was tough, so Tanner put him on the ground, then Dwayne thought he would test his luck and ended up on his back and he had to roll to the side to get up.  He had his famous car that he won at the Back to School Bash named Patricia.    Patricia runs out of gas all the time and half of his closet is in his back seat.  You could never understand his texts, “you at where?” He loved to go coyote hunting with Papa Doug.   During one of the last hunting trips, they were after the last coyote of the day when Doug sunk to his knees in mud and Tanner had to help him out and Doug fell over backwards.   His shoes got stuck in the mud and all Tanner could do was laugh.   They asked why he didn’t video it and Tanner said he was too busy laughing.  Papa Doug would call him at any time of the day to help with his catering business and Tanner was always there.  Tanner was the only one who was trusted with the secret recipes and planned to take over the business someday.  Tanner worked hard at this and his Mom would try to go in and help and Tanner would say, “Grandma and I got this, get outta here.”  He was always being antagonized by his “brothers” Raef, Squeak and Cason. They always tested him and pushed him to his limits knowing there would be severe consequences.  His Dad Jerry loved his late night “Dad” talks.  Tanner knew he couldn’t include his Mom in these talks because she would not approve of what was asked.    
 Dedicated, hard- working and driven are all words that describe how passionate Tanner was about anything he did.   He was involved in wrestling, football, and baseball.   His dream was to go to OSU for D1 wrestling and become a national champion.   He was proud to be a state qualifier for Kids Club 6 years in a row.  While in high school he earned a trip to state both his Freshman and Sophomore year.  He was loved by all of his coaches and teammates and always jumped, screamed and yelled for his teammates to do their best.  No other wrestler could run the spladel and banana split like Tanner could.  Most wrestlers knew that it was coming. Tanner was working very hard this summer to get his weight up to 165 pounds and was ready to pound someone on the field this week at camp.  He started as a Warrior football player in 3rd grade and played every year with many accomplishments in Warriors, Jr. Runners and Roadrunners.  His baseball career started at the age of 6 and he competed with his travel team the “Wildcats” for 9 seasons.  Playing second base and telling his team “TWO DOWN ONE TO GO” while holding his fingers up was something we all loved.  He always yelled “NICE EYE”.   He was also an active member of the Spring Robins 4-H Club for 9 years.  He enjoyed showing pigs at the Harper County Fair and the water fights and the new friends he would make.  He was a good showman for not only showmanship class but for market swine as well.  In 2016, Tanner was the first 4-H'er to win both Grand and Reserve Champion.   He was especially helpful with pigs that did not want to move to and from the wash bay.
 For the last 4 summers he worked at Francis Farms driving a tractor and loved to eat Sheri’s cooking.  His favorite was her oreo dessert.  There was never a dull moment with Tanner around because you never knew what he was going to do or say. 
 If you knew Tanner, behind that smile was more love for his friends and family than anyone could ever know.  He loved life and was ready to take on any challenge.  He always took care of people.  It was very hard for Tanner to be serious.   While all his other “moms” loved to steal pictures of him, Tanner was rarely cooperative.  Being at the lake was one of his favorite summertime activities.  He loved going to rodeos, hanging out with his best friend Adrian and sitting on the Gerber patio with all of his friends. He was always up for anything.  Being a big brother to his own siblings but also to Hazen was very important to him.
 He will be forever missed and in the hearts of his mother, Tiffany; father, Jerry; brothers, Jarrett (Squeak), and Cason; grandparents: Doug and Melissa Asper,  Tauni Asper, Martha McDaniel and Rodney Angle; great-grandparents: Helen & Neil Mingle, Jackie Miller and Wilena Peterson;  aunts and uncles: Michael and Ashlea Asper, Kyle and Tailynn Asper, Brandi Weers, Rachel Shumate, Kristie Strickland. He will also be missed by many other family members, teammates and friends.
 He was welcomed into Heaven by his sister, MaKinze Lynn.
 Funeral services were held at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, July 13, 2017 at the Anthony Christian Church with Pastor Ron Eden officiating.  Tribute speakers included Bobby Reed, Justin Burke and Kevin Knox.  Musical selections "Boys of Fall", "Chain Breaker" and "Who You'd Be Today" were played.  Internment followed at the Forest Park Cemetery.  Honorary casket bearers were Jarrett "Squeak" Angle, Raef Vornauf, Brycen Schroeder, Easton Schroeder, Eli Eslinger, Cauy Thomas, Theron Eslinger, Talon Borghoff, Mike Francis, Dwayne Thiessen, Keith Corderman, Matt Barr, Johnny Francis, Kevin Allen, Jared Nuffer, Kavin Hess, Tate Menhusen and all the teammates he played with.  Casket bearers were Brent Asper, Adrian Gerber, Miguel Gerber, Jake Burke, Drake Whealy, Parker Patterson, Jaden Eslinger, Andrew Clark, Quinton Pfaff and Jarrett Shelton.
 Memorials may be given in Tanner's memory to the Tanner Asper Memorial Fund and can be either sent in care of the funeral home.  Prairie Rose Funeral Homes, 602 E. Main - Anthony, KS, 67003 is in charge of the arrangements.