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Kenneth L. Roberson 1952 ~ 2018

Kenneth Lee Roberson passed away on January 14, 2018 at age 65 from a stroke. He was born in Witchita, KS on July 20, 1952. He lived in Holdenville, OK. He was a talented musician and acoustic guitar player as well as a mechanic and laborer.
Ken was the son of Jack Varvel Roberson and Wilda Myrl Roberson nee Wagner. Two members of families that have a hundred year and more history in the Anthony, Freeport, Waldron and Southwestern Kansas area.
Family names. The Wagners, Robersons, Minshalls, Longleys, Bradshaws, Varvels and others helped make the history of this area.
Kenneth was buried in the Forest Park Cemetery next to his father, and Great Grandfather and Grandmother Frank Roberson and Alice Bayne Roberson.
He will be greatly missed by his family and all who knew him. Rest in Peace Kenneth.